Telnet Address:
Sysop:  Cyclops
Co-Sysop:  Hiroshima Black

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First things first, go to c:\Windows\Fonts on your computer and see if you have a font called "Terminal" in there. If not, you can download it from here (right click the link and use "Save As", leave the name the same:


Simply right click on the font in your downloads folder and choose "Install". Hey presto, font problem solved and you will be much happier when we get to the section below that requires this. :-)

In order to connect to the Static Speakeasy you will need a terminal program, the terminal program we prefer is called "Qodem" and can be downloaded at the following link for Windows, MAC or Linux Operating Systems:

Qodem Home Page

Please note the following instructions have been tested on Windows 10 only, if you are using an alternate operating system your experience will probably vary.

First things first, install the program you have just downloaded from the above link. All done? Excellent.
Next up load Qodem, you will see the following screen:

At this screen make sure the top entry is highlighted (use your arrow keys) and hit your INSERT key. The following screen will appear:

Type "The Static Speakeasy" in the top field, use the down arrow to navigate to the address field and type "" then use the down arrow twice to get to the method field and hit the SPACE BAR, use the down arrows to navigate to TELNET and hit enter:

Using your down arrow key move to the EMULATION field and hit the SPACE BAR. Use the arrow keys to highlight ANSI and hit enter:

Then hit F10 or ALT+ENTER to save your entry. Next up, because this font is no good at rendering characters that were originally used for Amiga graphics, we will change it, so in the top of the window click on FONT:

In the image above you can see the window that opens when you click on font (step 1), find the font named "Terminal" in the selection, make sure that OEM/DOS is selected in the Script drop down menu and choose OK. You will see that the fonts have adjusted and are far more readable.

Now all you have to do is make sure the Static Speakeasy entry is selected (using up/down keys on your keyboard) and hit enter, you will instantly connect:

Simples! Enjoy the BBS!